Tuesday, December 16, 2008

King of the Jurassic

The Allosaurus is a 39 ft killing machine. It has the arms T-rex dreams for and can bring down sauropods if in packs. It would be a bloody battle if it fought T-rex and the winner would probably be T-rex, but in packs of even two it would probably tear T-rex's head off! This thing had no limits, no fear, and was the top predator of the Jurassic. Its only competion was some mamas boy Certaosaurus. It was only 20 ft and didnt have the strength to back it up. It ganged up on it's prey and it took them down. I will say again a pair of Allosaurus made T-rex look like a pansy, a wannabe, a push over! Like all dinosaurs it was a reptile. It went extinct in the end of the Jurassic because food was running low and the huge herbivores that it fed on died and soon it went extinct because of lack of food. But if it was still alive it would probably be a living hell. If anyone has a mythical animal idea for a post please tell me just put it on a comment.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The african king

Ok, Ive only been posting about reptiles right? Well now here is a new post! lets take a journey to Africa and take a safari through the plains. The first thing you saw was a couple of giraffes wandering from tree to tree and some elephants trying to find a water hole to drink from then you see huge herd of wild beast and zebra. You look at a tree for five seconds and spot a leopard. You look back and the herd of wild beast and zebra are scatterd. Then you catch a glimpse of a muscular tan figure chasing one of the zebras, then from some bushes another one jumps on its back, but zebra keeps going. Then another one flies out of the bushes and also gets on the zebra's back but, the zebras not giving up! another one comes out of the bushes and misses but still keeping up with the zebra. another one comes and makes the jump. Now with three creatures on the zebra's back and two chasing it the zebra collapses from the blood loss and exauhtion from the three biting creatures on it's back. Then one of the creatures chaseing the zebra comes up and punctures the zebra's neck. Its the end of the line for the zebra.
This tan muscular creature was none other than the great lion and your lucky to see them have a successful hunt. Lions are fierce predatorsand hunt: gazzele, water buffalo, wild beast, zebra and ocassionally elephants and giraffes. But will kill cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas. Some lions have even developed a taste for HUMAN FLESH. These lions are called MAN-EATERS. LIOns live in a small part of asia and also live in africa. They live in groups called prides. There are usally one to two males in a pride and all the males are PLAYERS! The females or lionesses (top picture) do all the hunting then the males come and they are the to eat then females then the cubs or baby lions. You can say lions are sexist but really males do all the territory fighting and protect the cubs when the lionesses are hunting.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

the southern black racer

snakes are found in homes because we move into their habitat.
snakes hide themselves to hunt food like this one.
To some people sun-tanning is life well they act like a snake
because to a snake sun-tanning is a way to regulate their
body temperature because their cold-blooded

the Sunday before presidents day i was on a bike ride and saw two southern black racers coming out of a fence. One got away but i caught the other one. it was amazing! i always dreamed of the day i caught a snake. the southern black racer is usually called the black snake for its appearance :black with a whitish grayish stomach. they feed on rodents, frogs, and lizards.

Friday, February 29, 2008


The predators of the mesozoic times were big , very big some were 45-60 like Spinosaurus [middle, red on chart] which was a giant fisher. spinsaurus had a diet of fish and also other dinosaurs and would avoid fight other carnivores that lived in its area because it had hollow teeth. One of those carnivores in Spinosaurus's area are my favorite carnivores the Carcharodontosaurus [bottom, brown on chart]. A fascinating carnivore that got its name from the carcharodon shark family because of its teeth, they are so similar to the carcharodon families teeth. The Carcharodontosaurus was40-43 feet long. Its cousin Giganotosaurus[orange on chart] is the 2nd largest meat eater at 45 feet long behind Spinosaurus. tying up with T-rex[purple on chart] is Carcharodontosaurus and in last is Maqusaurus [green on chart]. A lot of people would ask "who would win T-rex or Spinosaurus" the winner would probaly be T-rex because of its bone-crunching teeth would snap Spinosaurus's neck or spine.


Sauropods,behemoths of the mesozoic world. everyone knows Apatosaurus [top] formerly Known as brontosaurus until they figured out that the head went to a Camarosaurus [another sauropod]. It took a pack of Allosauruss to take down a sick ,injured or young diplodicus [another sauropod] size sauropod. But the real giants are :Sauroposiedon[top middle] which is the tallest animal ever towering at 60 feet; another giant is the Argetinasaurus [middle bottom] was the heaviest land animal ever weighing in at 100 tons ,but last but not least was the longest animal ever Seismosaurus [bottom] at135 feet long but now scientists say that Seismosaurus tail bone was higher in skeleton so now scientists think Seismosaurus was smaller than its cousin Supersaurus[another sauropod] which was 105 feet long. All these animals that I listed were sauropods the real giants.

Catch of the day

Some creatures shared the same waters as the dinosaurs. Some of these creatures were larger than the largest predatory dinosaurs and competed for size with the sauropods the largest animals that ever walked the Earth but this could only round up to one creature thats not a whale. Liopleurodon an 80 foot monster [middle]. These were not the war lords of the Mesozoic sea. These were mosasaurs specificly mosasaurus a 60 foot Mesozoic terror [bottom] the wolves of the sea killing anything that moves and some of them lived in family groups. So don't be afraid of jaws be afraid of these guys. But there are more sea monsters [top] but some are friendly like the big fish in the top picture and some in that same picture lived before and after the dinosaurs!