Sunday, November 9, 2008

The african king

Ok, Ive only been posting about reptiles right? Well now here is a new post! lets take a journey to Africa and take a safari through the plains. The first thing you saw was a couple of giraffes wandering from tree to tree and some elephants trying to find a water hole to drink from then you see huge herd of wild beast and zebra. You look at a tree for five seconds and spot a leopard. You look back and the herd of wild beast and zebra are scatterd. Then you catch a glimpse of a muscular tan figure chasing one of the zebras, then from some bushes another one jumps on its back, but zebra keeps going. Then another one flies out of the bushes and also gets on the zebra's back but, the zebras not giving up! another one comes out of the bushes and misses but still keeping up with the zebra. another one comes and makes the jump. Now with three creatures on the zebra's back and two chasing it the zebra collapses from the blood loss and exauhtion from the three biting creatures on it's back. Then one of the creatures chaseing the zebra comes up and punctures the zebra's neck. Its the end of the line for the zebra.
This tan muscular creature was none other than the great lion and your lucky to see them have a successful hunt. Lions are fierce predatorsand hunt: gazzele, water buffalo, wild beast, zebra and ocassionally elephants and giraffes. But will kill cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas. Some lions have even developed a taste for HUMAN FLESH. These lions are called MAN-EATERS. LIOns live in a small part of asia and also live in africa. They live in groups called prides. There are usally one to two males in a pride and all the males are PLAYERS! The females or lionesses (top picture) do all the hunting then the males come and they are the to eat then females then the cubs or baby lions. You can say lions are sexist but really males do all the territory fighting and protect the cubs when the lionesses are hunting.