Friday, February 29, 2008


The predators of the mesozoic times were big , very big some were 45-60 like Spinosaurus [middle, red on chart] which was a giant fisher. spinsaurus had a diet of fish and also other dinosaurs and would avoid fight other carnivores that lived in its area because it had hollow teeth. One of those carnivores in Spinosaurus's area are my favorite carnivores the Carcharodontosaurus [bottom, brown on chart]. A fascinating carnivore that got its name from the carcharodon shark family because of its teeth, they are so similar to the carcharodon families teeth. The Carcharodontosaurus was40-43 feet long. Its cousin Giganotosaurus[orange on chart] is the 2nd largest meat eater at 45 feet long behind Spinosaurus. tying up with T-rex[purple on chart] is Carcharodontosaurus and in last is Maqusaurus [green on chart]. A lot of people would ask "who would win T-rex or Spinosaurus" the winner would probaly be T-rex because of its bone-crunching teeth would snap Spinosaurus's neck or spine.


Sauropods,behemoths of the mesozoic world. everyone knows Apatosaurus [top] formerly Known as brontosaurus until they figured out that the head went to a Camarosaurus [another sauropod]. It took a pack of Allosauruss to take down a sick ,injured or young diplodicus [another sauropod] size sauropod. But the real giants are :Sauroposiedon[top middle] which is the tallest animal ever towering at 60 feet; another giant is the Argetinasaurus [middle bottom] was the heaviest land animal ever weighing in at 100 tons ,but last but not least was the longest animal ever Seismosaurus [bottom] at135 feet long but now scientists say that Seismosaurus tail bone was higher in skeleton so now scientists think Seismosaurus was smaller than its cousin Supersaurus[another sauropod] which was 105 feet long. All these animals that I listed were sauropods the real giants.

Catch of the day

Some creatures shared the same waters as the dinosaurs. Some of these creatures were larger than the largest predatory dinosaurs and competed for size with the sauropods the largest animals that ever walked the Earth but this could only round up to one creature thats not a whale. Liopleurodon an 80 foot monster [middle]. These were not the war lords of the Mesozoic sea. These were mosasaurs specificly mosasaurus a 60 foot Mesozoic terror [bottom] the wolves of the sea killing anything that moves and some of them lived in family groups. So don't be afraid of jaws be afraid of these guys. But there are more sea monsters [top] but some are friendly like the big fish in the top picture and some in that same picture lived before and after the dinosaurs!